A work visa

It doesn't have to be hard

With an office in Lisbon and a vast knowledge of the Portuguese reality, we can certainly help you with an easier transition and start, as soon as possible, your new life.

European Union national

You will not need a work visa and you can start working immediately. You must, however, ask for a European Union certificate after 3 months in Portugal.

Citizen of a non-European country

You will need a work visa that must be requested in the country where you currently reside.

The function that will play determines the type of visa

Highly qualified functions

Professionals with management positions, university studies and very qualified functions. New technologies or in areas of interest for the national economy. Etes Visas will have to be negotiated with the consulate.

Unqualified functions

Diversified works that do not require university attendance and whose salary is normally less than 1.5 times the average wage in Portugal.
It is necessary to ask for a Work permit Before requesting a visa.

Independent Professionals

If you have customers in Portugal you can exercise an independent activity. For certain professions you will need to obtain permission from the professional order.
You must have open activity in your country or in Portugal.

The visa has to be negotiated with the consulate

Highly qualified functions are often considered by consulates to be unqualified

substantiating the visa application to ensure the exceptional and negotiating with the Portuguese Government is essential to the success of a request.

The information collected in the consulates is often unreliable and may mislead. All the more so that consular services are just the visible face of immigration. The Decision is made in Lisbon For the services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the SEF (Foreign and Border Service).

Unqualified functions are often refused despite being on the list of government-approved professions

A refused visa is hardly altered. Ask a specialist for help

I was comfortable with the level of service received, solving all the bureaucracy, without major setbacks.
Walter Waes
Galp Energy

How do you unroll the immigration process?


Offer you a job promise in Portugal

The first step is to get a promise of written employment from a Portuguese company. Unskilled jobs are often refused by consulates.


If it is an unqualified function you will need to request a work permit

Before going to the consulate you will need to ask for a work permit at IEFP in Portugal. Highly qualified functions do not need to.


Reunites the documentation and delivers the visa application at the consulate

The visa application is made at the Portuguese consulate in the country where you live. Consulates do not always provide reliable information.


Obtained the visa can start working

Only after receiving a visa you can start working. The visa is normally entitled to 2 entries and 4 months duration.


Ask for a residence permit before the visa expires

Before the visa expires you must ask the SEF for a residence permit lasting 1 year, renewable for 2 years.

Does my family need a visa?

An immigrant's family should be in charge of this, only need a tourism visa to enter Portugal

An immigrant in legal situation Have the right to bring your family direct  As long as it is economically dependent on it.

For many countries a tourist visa is sufficient for the family to enter the country. There are countries where a family reunification visa will be required.

Once in Portugal, you will be asked for a residence permit by family reunification which also allows you to work. Know more...

Need a work contract before requesting a visa

Ask for a Residence Visa For work is only possible if you have a written promise of a Employment contract And if this guarantees a Higher yield To the national minimum wage (€600 in 2019).

In case you have family members in your charge the minimum monthly amount required increases in 50% For wives and more 30% For each child.

Can I go to Portugal and legalize myself after I have a job?

Yes. can come directly No job And only then legalize.  You can do this through a Manifestation of Interest Art º 88.You must comply with two conditions:

  1. Have a promise/employment contract
  2. have entered legally in Portuguese territory and have proof of this

The process of art º 88 is complex and time-consuming but allows obtaining a residence permit without work visa. Learn more...

With doubts about the next step?

Ask for an analysis of the feasibility of your work visa

Do not rely on friends ' hunches and lack of availability of official services. Talk to one of our lawyers and immigration specialists, clarify all doubts and win:

  • Organization and analysis of documentation
  • Consultation with the competent official services
  • Analysis and discussion of the process
  • Issuance of opinion on the feasibility of the same

Ensure "the first" success of your new Life project.

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New Way doesn't find jobs for immigrants

But, we want to help you with a list of Web sites with jobs in Portugal.

In order to help you in your job search, we sent you a list of employment sites and job listing aggregators in Portugal. This list concerns August 2017. Good luck.

Workload- http://www.cargadetrabalhos.net/

Here you will find mostly job offers in the areas of communication, Marketing and Design.

Good Jobs- http://www.bonsempregos.com/

BEP– Https://www.bep.gov.pt/defAult. aspx

BEP acronyms are public employment grants. Here you will find all the job offers for the public service.

IEFP– https://www.iefp.pt/

It is the official website of the Institute of Employment and Vocational training.

Toad Job – http://emprego.sapo.pt/

The toad jobs is a fairly comprehensive site, so you will find job offers in virtually every area. In addition, it also offers some informative articles and tips especially designed for job seekers.

Net-Jobs- http://www.net-empregos.com/

One of the oldest employment sites in Portugal. Although it was already created in 1997, the Net jobs remains up to today as one of the

Largest employment sites in Portugal. Nearly 500 new job advertisements are still published in the most varied areas per day.

Express Employment- http://expressoemprego.pt/

On the website Express employment you will meet with job offers not only for Portugal but also abroad. The site's offer is

Vast and diversified.

Landing Jobs- https://landing.jobs/

This is a website dedicated to the information technology industry. It's a very interesting site for both the candidates and the

Own recruiting companies. The landing Jobs recruitment system is supported by a reward mechanism. The Users

Who make the most accurate suggestions for each open spot on the site earn a reward in the case of the people who indicated they were hired.

IT Jobs- https://www.itjobs.pt/

As its name implies, it is a recruitment site specialized in information and communication technologies, such as landing Jobs.

Other sites and aggregators where you can search for a job in Portugal:

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