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Nationality Portuguese

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Do you fulfil one of these conditions? Then you can ask for citizenship

Children and residents for over 6 years

The children of Portuguese parents and foreigners who live legally in Portugal for more than 6 years are entitled to Portuguese citizenship.

grandchildren and married to a Portuguese

Although they can request citizenship, grandchildren and foreigners married to Portuguese, they will have to prove their connection to the Portuguese community.

Descendant Jews Sephardic

The descendants of Sephardic Jews who can prove their connection to a Sefardista community of Portuguese origin abroad.

Portuguese law allows Portuguese to have other nationalities

You do not need to abdicate your nationality to acquire Portuguese. However, it is appropriate to check whether the laws of your country permit dual nationality.

They can only ask the nationality of people still alive

Requiring nationality must be the manifestation of the applicant's will so that persons already deceased, even if they comply with the requirements for citizenship, cannot apply, nor can they be represented by third parties.

I'm a great grandson of a Portuguese, can I ask for nationality?

No. Your parents or grandfathers will have to ask for their nationality first, and only then shall it be their turn as their grandson or son.

The sequence of the process is as follows:

  • Grandparents are Portuguese
    They don't need to be alive
  • Grandparents
    As children may require citizenship
  • Parents
    If grandparents obtain nationality, children (parents) may also require
  • Grandchildren
    Grandparents and parents are already Portuguese. Grandchildren have two ways to get citizenship

Children and residents > 6 years

Children: Originating Nationality

All the children of Portuguese born or not in Portugal are entitled to original nationality provided they exercise that right

Sons of Portuguese

The nationality process for the children of Portuguese abroad is not complex and essentially requires a manifestation of this interest to the competent Portuguese authorities and can prove that the parents are Portuguese.

Foreigners living in Portugal for more than 6 years

The main requirement is to make proof that you have been living in Portugal for more than six years and have the residence permits corresponding to those years. In other words, it must have been legal for the last six years with the respective residence cards.

The six-year countdown starts with the date of the first residency card.

grandchildren and married

Connection to the Portuguese community

If you have not lived in Portugal for at least 3 years, proving the connection to the community is a difficult process, but essential for the application to be approved

Portuguese grandchildren

With the amendments introduced in the law in 2017, the Portuguese grandchildren have been able to ask for Portuguese citizenship directly without the need for their parents to do so first.

However, the law requires that in this case the existence of bonds of effective connection to the national community should be proved.

These ties, as you can see next on this page, are complicated to prove if the foreign citizen does not live in Portugal.

Married or in fact union for more than 3 years

Married or in fact union for more than 3 years can obtain citizenship by naturalization, but the marriage must be in the registers in Portugal. 

In the case of stable unions, a judicial decision is required to prove such a marriage.

Sephardic Jews

Recognition in Portugal

In order to obtain citizenship as a descendant of Sephardic, the applicant must obtain the certificate of the Portuguese Jewish community in Lisbon or Porto

Sephardic Jews

For applicants of Origin Sephardic to obtain recognition by the Jewish community in Portugal is the most direct route for their request to be accepted.

In the absence of such a certificate, the applicant may submit an alternative document proving its offspring, such as residence permits, property titles, wills and other evidence of connection to the Sephardic Community of origin Portuguese.

However, we recommend that you always try to obtain the certificate from the Jewish community because without this document it will not be easy to accept the request by the Portuguese authorities.

The changes of the law in the nationality of 2017, facilitate the process for this group because they put an end to the specific regime of demonstration of connection to the national community that was required of the smaller and incapable descendants.

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How to prove the connection to the Portuguese community

The connection to Portugal is for the candidates for citizenship the biggest challenge in the process of nationality. The link is recognized if you complete some of the following requirements:

  • Portugalflag75H
    Have legal residency in Portugal for 5 years
    Be registered in the finances and the national health system, or have attended the school in Portugal
  • Portugalflag75H
    Have knowledge of the Portuguese language
    If you are not a citizen of a Portuguese-speaking country you will have to provide a proof of Portuguese
  • Portugalflag75H
    Bought or rented a house in Portugal for more than 3 years
    Proof of ownership or rental of a house is an important proof of connection to Portugal
  • Portugalflag75H
    Moves to Portugal
    Whether on business or for personal reasons
  • Portugalflag75H
    Live or have links with a Portuguese community abroad
    In the last 5 years he has participated regularly in the activities of the Portuguese community in the country in which he lives (e.g. cultural and recreational activities)
I need help

You cannot ask for nationality if you have one of these situations

  • Have been convicted of a crime that in Portugal is punishable by imprisonment of 3 years or more
  • Be involved in terrorism-related activities

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