You've faced bureaucrats and you've been the victim of wrong information. But it doesn't have to be like this:


It doesn't have to be hard

Join thousands of happy customers

With 15 experience we know what customers need and how to help them in a successful transition.

Let the laws and consulates with us

Use the legal know-how of our team and let us talk to consulates

Efficient, fast, all needs resolved

Leonel Carvalho-Air Liquide

Very professional people, making the country transition easy and allowing us to concentrate on other things, like work or family, knowing that the rest are in good hands

Sergio Garcia-Sanofi

I want the Portuguese nationality

Do you know the conditions to ask for Portuguese nationality?

Whether it's Son, Grandson, there are more than 6 years old In Portugal, be Married With a Portuguese or descended from Jews Sephardic, we can help you achieve your goals.

I want a visa for Portugal

Choose the situation for which you want a visa and know what you need to do and how we can help you:

I'm in Portugal, what do I do?

There are several situations where we can help you get a residence. Choose one to learn more:

I want a visa for another country

We obtain business and work visas, residence permits and work permits in a significant set of countries on all continents.

Do you want to talk to an expert or ask for a quote?

We support you throughout the process

Customers-the testimony of our success

Years of service quality in support of private and corporate clients resulted in the achievement and loyalty of some of the best international companies. Meet some of the main customers:

"I was comfortable with the level of service received, solving all the bureaucracy, without major setbacks."
Walter Waes
Galp Energy
"You make relocation seem easy. Thanks for everything "
Dennis Vanasbroeck
"They covered a wide range of services and very quick answers to questions. It was very practical to have New Way help me when I felt lost at first. "
Ayumi Nakamura
Galp Gas

The Immigration team

+ Easy

Carlos Baltasar-General manager

Founding partner of the company and CEO with degrees in business management and psychology, works for more than 14 years in matters of international mobility of human resources, including the management of immigration, in its different strands of work, investment or Study. In the 12 years preceding the founding of New Way, he worked in multinational companies (Unilever and Danone), having exercised roles of Marketing Directorate working as expatriate in Warsaw in Poland.

Meet the professionals who make the change more enjoyable and help you get started in the new country as quickly as possible. Know more...

You did your research, but you don't know if you should move?

Ask for a feasibility analysis of your immigration project

Do not rely on friends ' hunches and lack of availability of official services. Talk to our lawyers and immigration specialists, clarify all doubts and win:

  • Organization and analysis of documentation
  • Consultation with the competent official services
  • Analysis and discussion of the process
  • Issuance of opinion on the feasibility of the same

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Includes VAT and other fees. Up to 90 minutes by email, Skype...

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